Oro slėgio kolonėlė Tecalemit AirMaster
Oro slėgio kolonėlė Tecalemit AirMaster
Prekės kodas: 117 835 000
Ar turime: Sandėlyje

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Electronically controlled, automatictire pressure regulator.Stainless steel housing, illuminated display.Legally calibratable, approval through PTB design approvalno. 18.08/00.02
Easy to operateDesired tire pressure ispreselected with the use of 2 buttons (+/-) and then confirmed with the (v) buttonFilling process starts automatically afterhose is connectedMicrocontroller determines the current tire pressureFilling process is terminated automatically once the set value has been reachedSignal alarm sounds when set value has been reachedLeakage in the valve connector is indicated by an error messageSet point pressure for optimal bead seat up to 1.5 bar in accordance with the directives of the organization of the German manufacturers of tires and technical elastomers products (wdk)Hose holder included in scope of delivery
AdvantagesNo moving parts, therefore
No wear and tearNot susceptible to ingress of dirtEasy operation without requiring the use of much force
Keypad is integrated into the front panel sheet, allowing for
Easy cleaningIncreased weather resistance
Quality that is Made in Germany